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About me

I'm a graphic &

motion designer.

My work is driven by a passion for visual storytelling within the music industry. From vibrant beginnings in Brazil to advanced studies in New York City, my journey blends creative flair with strategic expertise.


Background and Passion

As a Brazilian-born graphic designer with a foundation in advertising and marketing, I have always been drawn to the visual arts, especially in the entertainment industry. My academic journey in advertising revealed a passion for graphic design, leading me to create collages and posters, initially as a hobby and then professionally. Over the years, I have worked as a social media manager and designer in various advertising agencies, where I furthered my skills through marketing courses. My experience collaborating with notable Brazilian artists and influencers has shaped my specialization in the music industry.

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New Beginnings and Current Focus

In 2023, seeking to enhance my expertise, I moved to New York City. I undertook advanced studies, beginning with a portfolio preparation course at the New York Art Studio, followed by a Digital Design Certificate at Pratt Institute. Today, my focus is on crafting dynamic graphic and motion designs for artists and record labels. My goal is to deliver cutting-edge, creatively inspired designs that effectively tell unique stories and amplify our clients' presence in the trend-driven entertainment market.

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